Wheel Alignments

After this winter, it is very likely that your steering has taken quite a beating as a result of hitting the many thousands of potholes along Lancaster Avenue, Conestoga Road, Rt. 252 and pretty much any other road in Wayne, Devon, Paoli and Berwyn. Hitting a big pothole just right can significantly affect your steering alignment in your car, truck or SUV. Even the impacts resulting from smaller potholes will add up over the duration of a particularly severe winter driving season such as 2013-14. Every time you hit a pothole it jostles your alignment ever so slightly.

Jim’s Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco both have a state of the art alignment rack and laser guided alignment equipment that can get your car’s steering back into shape in no time. We can give you an easy to understand readout of how your vehicle’s steering has been altered by this treacherous season of potholes and more potholes. What’s more is that we can get your straightened out and safely back on the road in a short amount of time.

If your steering wheel is pulling or if you are getting a wobble in your wheel, call us today at either of our convenient locations.