Does your air conditioning system work properly? Has your AC unit been serviced regularly to ensure maximum performance? At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, our air conditioning service will keep you cool in any conditions. From scheduled services to one-off repairs, our experienced team can inspect, replace, and upgrade your air conditioner for the ultimate in climate control.

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we specialize in all aspects of AC servicing and repair. The gases used in your AC system escape over time, with most systems needing to be regassed on a regular basis. As cars get older, problems can also occur with specific components, from pipes and evaporators to compressors and condensers.

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Auto Air Conditioning Parts

Car AC unit

Modern cars have fairly sophisticated air conditioning systems, with the following components helping to control the climate of your ride:


This fluid alters between liquid and gas within coils to make cooling possible


This part acts as a pump to compress the refrigerant and pass it to the evaporator


This system of coils acts as a heat exchange and changes the refrigerant from gas to liquid


The opposite of a condenser, this part converts liquid fluid back to gas

Air Conditioning Servicing

During a standard AC service, one of our technicians will inspect your vehicle and hook it up to a special refrigerant recovery system. After we have drained old and harmful gases from your car, we will look at air conditioning pipes and components to check for cracks. We may apply a tracer dye during this process to help find small leaks. We will then put new fluid into your system, inspecting lines and seals to keep your AC working at maximum efficiency.

Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning system is leaking or damaged, you may need to get old parts swapped out. While AC servicing typically involves new fluid and AC system inspection, additional work may be needed if system parts or lines are compromised. This is especially true for your compressor, condenser, or evaporator, which may need to be replaced if they're damaged.

For example, if your compressor malfunctions, the entire AC system will fail to work. This could be due to a visible leak, a bad seal and bearing, or an old component that needs to be replaced. Your condenser can also become non-operational, with this part often getting clogged due to a build-up of leaves, dust, or debris. Evaporators can also experience leaks and clogs, with a detailed inspection needed to uncover issues and replace parts if needed.

Signs that you need air conditioning repair

If your auto AC system has any of the following symptoms, you may need to get it serviced or repaired by our qualified team:

  • Car not cooling properly

  • Weak or inconsistent airflow

  • Whirring noises from your compressor

  • Noticeable refrigerant leaks

  • Burning smells or strange odors

  • Oil leaks from the compressor

One-stop Auto Service Shop

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer a full spectrum of auto maintenance and repair services at a great price. We have experience working on a range of vehicles, including family cars, performance cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. Along with air conditioning repairs, we specialize in new tires, brake servicing and repairs, wheel alignments, and suspension system repairs.

About Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair

Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco has served the Main Line area for almost 50 years, so you can be assured of local knowledge and industry expertise. Our skilled team are ASE certified master technicians, so you can be assured of a job well done every single time.

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