Does your tire tread look low? Do your tires wear out faster on one side than the other? As the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, your tires play a central role in how your vehicle drives. At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we specialize in new tires and auto maintenance and repair services, including wheel alignments, brake servicing, and suspension repairs. We proudly carry new tires from Yokohama as well as other trusted major brands.

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we sell high-quality tires at competitive prices. We treat each customer with respect and always work fast to get you back out on the road. If you want to install new tires, require an alignment or need new brake pads, we can assist.

For quality tires at competitive prices, please contact Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair or Jim's Berwyn Sunoco today.

Quality Tires and More

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In order to stay safe on the road, it's important to keep your tires in tip-top condition. Whether you're coming in to exchange tires or booked in for a scheduled service, our experienced mechanics will look at your tires and change them at your request. Along with overall wear, we will look at tread patterns to see whether you need a wheel alignment.

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer high-quality tires for all vehicles, including family cars, commercial vans and trucks, and classic cars. We only sell tires from Yokohama and other leading brands, so you can be assured of quality and safety at every turn.

Warning signs that you need new tires

If your tire tread or pressure is low, your wheels have less gripping power on the road. This can cause issues with safety and performance, especially when you're driving over bumps or around corners. If you notice any of the following signs, it's important to get your tires inspected:

  • Falling or inconsistent air pressure

  • Low tire tread, bubbles, or cracks

  • Uneven tire tread patterns

  • Changes in car response or feel

  • Pulsing or shaking sensations

If any of these symptoms appear, your tires could be compromised and may need replacement. Inspection is recommended as soon as possible to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Comprehensive Auto Service

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer a wide array of auto maintenance and repair services at a fantastic price point. We have reliable tires for all vehicles and are happy to service family cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. Along with new tires from leading global brands, we also specialize in brake servicing and repairs, wheel alignments, suspension, and air conditioning systems.

About Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair

Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco has served the Main Line area for almost 50 years, so you can be assured of local knowledge and industry expertise. Our skilled team are ASE certified master technicians, so you can be assured of a job well done every single time. Our team combines mechanical expertise with advanced equipment to fix your problems and get you back on the road. Wherever you are in the Main Line area, we are here to help.

If you need new tires or auto maintenance and repair services, please contact Jim's Berwyn Sunoco or Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair today.