Do your wheels need alignment? At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer wheel alignments, new tires, suspension work, and countless other auto maintenance and repair services.

From tires to steering systems and suspension components, we will inspect and service your car's wheels and axles to ensure proper handling in all conditions. While our inspection process is based around your wheels, lack of alignment will affect your entire driving experience.

If you need a wheel alignment, please contact Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair or Jim's Berwyn Sunoco today.

Wheel Alignment Process

A car alignment is a process that includes the configuration and positioning of suspension parts and critical mechanical components. In order for a vehicle to operate safely on the road, its wheels need to be aligned straight and positioned in such a manner that tires can properly contact the road.

car getting alignment

During the alignment process, adjustments are made to the following four dimensions:

  • Camber - the angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the car

  • Toe - the angle of the tire when viewed from above

  • Caster - the relationship between the steering axis and the vertical axis when viewed from the side

  • Thrust - the relationship between the rear axle and the center of the vehicle when viewed from above

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer a variety of alignment services at competitive prices.

Alignment and Service

In order to stay safe on the road, it's important to keep your car in perfect alignment. Your wheels should be checked at every vehicle service and whenever you change tires. Certain symptoms indicate a need for alignment, including steering problems and uneven tire wear. Our experienced mechanics will inspect your entire vehicle with advanced electronic alignment machines.

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer expert wheel alignment services, steering system and suspension repairs, and complete auto maintenance at a competitive price.

Our wheel alignment service includes:

  • All alignment angles tested

  • Wheels and tires inspected

  • Steering wheel and suspension inspected

  • Front-end or four-wheel alignment performed

  • Vehicle tested on the road

Poor Alignment Symptoms and Repairs

Along with inspecting and adjusting alignment angles during a regular service, we can remedy specific problems with suspension and steering components. Whenever your alignment is affected, the problem needs to be identified and fixed immediately. If you notice any of the following signs, it's important to seek help:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side

  • Tires have uneven wear patterns

  • Pulsing or shaking sensations in steering wheel

  • Steering wheel feels off-center

  • Steering wheel does not return to center

  • Vehicle handling feels loose

If any of these symptoms appear, your car should be checked by an experienced mechanic as soon as possible.

Complete Auto Service

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we provide a full array of auto maintenance and repair services at an affordable price. Along with wheel and vehicle alignments, we specialize in brake servicing and repairs, new tire sales, suspension jobs, and air conditioning systems. Our team is experienced with all vehicles, from family cars and restored classics to commercial vans, pick ups and SUVs.

About Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair

Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco has served the Main Line area for almost 50 years, so you can be assured of local knowledge and industry expertise. Our skilled team are ASE certified master technicians, so you can be assured of a job well done every time.

If you need a wheel alignment, please contact Jim's Berwyn Sunoco or Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair today.