Does your car feel rough on the road? Does your steering feel uneven when you turn corners? Your suspension system may be out of sight, but it plays a crucial role in the safety and comfort of your ride. At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer suspension repairs along with other auto maintenance and repair services. From springs and shocks to rods, bearings, and bushings, we will inspect and service your vehicle for the ultimate in performance and control.

A vehicle’s suspension system is vital to its safe operation. From how your tires grip the road's surface to your ability to turn and brake, your vehicle’s suspension is central to all aspects of vehicle performance.. We service, repair, and replace suspension parts to give you total control and confidence in any driving conditions.

At Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we offer a range of suspension services at an affordable price. From springs to structural components and shocks, our experienced team will get your entire system working safely and at a price that fits your budget.

If you need suspension repairs, please contact Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair or Jim's Berwyn Sunoco today.

Suspension Systems

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Springs and dampers/shocks are the two most basic suspension components, and these parts are used in various ways on different vehicles. Some cars have the same suspension on the front and back, and others have different suspension setups for their back and front wheels. Systems also differ based on whether they share an axle between the left and right sides:

Independent systems

There are multiple independent systems available, all of which have dedicated suspension components for each wheel. Independent suspension is common on the front of cars.

Dependent systems

This type of suspension shares a common axle between the left and right wheels. Dependent systems often feature on the rear of cars and are widely used on trucks.

Suspension Service and Repairs

Your suspension system should be checked at every vehicle service and whenever symptoms are identified. While suspension jobs are not normally carried out during a vehicle service, problems can be identified early before they create problems down the road. During every service, our experienced mechanics will look at your entire vehicle.

The following issues are known to cause suspension problems:

  • Incorrect wheel alignment

  • Leaking or worn-out shocks or struts

  • Damaged springs

  • Floating ball joints

  • Damaged control arms

The following symptoms can indicate the need for suspension repairs:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side

  • Car sits lower on one side

  • Pulsing or shaking sensations

  • Squeaking or creaking noises

  • Clunks or rattling noises

  • Inconsistent steering

  • Vehicle feels loose over bumps

If any of these symptoms appear, your car should be checked by an experienced mechanic as soon as possible.

Complete Auto Service

At Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco, we provide comprehensive auto maintenance and repair services at an affordable price point. Along with suspension servicing and repairs, we specialize in wheel and vehicle alignments, brake servicing and repair, new tires, and air conditioning systems. Our team is experienced with all vehicles, from family cars to commercial fleets and trucks.

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Jim’s Berwyn Auto Repair and Jim’s Berwyn Sunoco has served the Main Line area for almost 50 years, so you can be assured of local knowledge and industry expertise. Our skilled team are ASE certified master technicians, so you can be assured of a job well done every single time.

If you need suspension repairs, please contact Jim's Berwyn Sunoco or Jim's Berwyn Auto Repair today.